Our Solutions

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  • Assistive Technology Training for the end user

  • Assistive Technology Training for the IT Professional


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  • Organizational Accessibility

  • Reasonable Accommodations

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  • Assistive Technology Implementation
  • Workplace Personal Assistants
  • MyAT
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  • Access Audit

Working With TCSA

At TCSA, our performance is underpinned by our core values. We will always raise the bar, challenge conventional thinking, celebrate differences, ask questions, approach our work together, not make assumptions and always do what is right.

Our Philosophy

At TCSA, difference is valued and celebrated. Our training team consists of trainers of all abilities. We feel strongly an individual should be able to receive training in their preferred method of communication, which is why our training team includes members who communicate using ASL and tactile ASL. We also feel strongly there is a significant benefit when trainer and trainee share preferred Assistive Technology, to this end we have trainers with all degrees of vision loss using all types and combinations of Assistive Technology.

Our team is highly qualified and strives to raise the bar far above industry standard. Our trainers hold high expectations for their trainees and themselves. Through professional development and continued education, our trainers are able expand their own professional knowledge base and ameliorate the level of instruction.

Our vision is for people of all abilities to have full access. This vision cannot be realized unless we approach all challenges together. We view our work as a partnership and as such we are in it together-your success is our success. As part of our customization process, we ask questions. We will ask a lot of questions because without questions we are not able to fully customize the training solution to meet the trainee needs. As a team of different abilities, we have often been on the receiving end of false assumptions. We do not make any assumptions regarding a trainee’s ability. Every training environment is different, and no two trainees have the same learning needs. Conventional instruction without diversification will not lead to successful outcomes.

Above all, we do what is right-for our team and for our partners.  We are committed to creating a custom training solution and delivering on our promises.

Your CustomIZED Solution

Once you have decided TCSA is the best partner to meet your training needs we will begin the process of creating your custom solution.


Your experience in creating a custom solution begins with the consultation phase. A designated point of contact from your organization will consult with a TCSA team member to identify your customization needs. A variety of methods will be utilized during the consultation process to gather all information essential to create your superior solution. Methods can include but are not limited to conference calls, surveys, in-person meetings and focus groups.

Custom Solution

Once all the data and information have been gathered, TCSA will create your custom training solution. We will share our training plan and enter the discussion phase to ensure all training needs are met.


Once the custom solution is ready for delivery, logistics will be scheduled.