About Us

Who Are We?

We are a team dedicated to the advancement of equal access and empowerment of persons with disabilities through the provision of tools and solutions aimed at fostering independence and productivity.

TCSA was founded in 1982 by nationally renowned Deaf entrepreneurs Myrna and Phil Aiello. We specialize in services regarding the assessment, implementation and provision of reasonable accommodations for individuals with a variety of support needs, including but not limited to persons who are; blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, as well as those with mobility or cognitive challenges.

four people standing in a group and smiling

Why we do what we do

Our mission is to advance equal access for all persons. We believe all individuals, regardless of ability, should have equal access to the tools needed to perform essential job or educational functions. We believe a disability should not be a barrier to successful, competitive employment or academic achievement.

What They’re Saying About Us

“… what really struck me was his insistence that everything be done right. He didn’t cut corners. He didn’t slack off. He didn’t just say that whatever issues arose were just beyond his control. He just kept at it. All the while, he had a truly positive and friendly disposition.”  – Federal Client

“Thanks so much for conducting this training. [the client] loved it. It is my understanding that this is her first experience with TCSA, but it will not be her last… Thanks again.” – Client from an Blind Advocacy Organization

“… the entire team were just awesome! From the get-go, I could literally feel the team’s dedication to ensuring that everything worked well. Beyond merely asking if the technology met my needs, there would be these periodic informal check-ins just to make sure. Then, if ever I had even the smallest question, it was answered practically at lightning speed.” – Federal Client

“Every moment when I see a listed email in my Inbox, open and read that email, open and read related attachments, compose content, use my iPhone to read mail remotely, and do other office-related tasks (which basically means EVERY moment), that represents the ways in which your team has impacted me and continues to impact me. In other words, thanks to all of you, I get to do my job more effectively than what would be the case otherwise, had your support not been in existence as strongly as it has been.” – Federal Client

“I really enjoyed the training last week. Thank you for helping make Dragon so much more useful to me. I already created a couple of macros that I didn’t think of last week.” Dragon User (Typed using Dragon Naturally Speaking software)

“As a long, long-time user of assistive technology, I have the utmost respect and praise for the members of the [TCSA] assistive technology unit – they have literally kept me afloat, employed, and as independent as possible over the decades that I have worked for [Federal Agency]. – Federal Client

Raising the bar

We continually strive to hold ourselves and our clients to higher expectations and rise above the industry status quo. 

Challenge Conventional Thinking

Different results require a different approach. To change the status quo, conventional thinking must be challenged 

CElebrate Differences

We celebrate our diversity and are proud of our differences. We look for the unique qualities and perspectives each person and partner bring to our team.  It is through this lens we are better positioned to assist those in need of our services.   


Ask Questions

It is important to continually expand our knowledge. By seeking new insights and perspectives through thoughtfully crafted questions, we discover different ways to understand ourselves and our partners which allows us to serve with excellence.

IN it together

Our work cannot be done by one individual alone. When we do well, we all do well and when we have challenges, we work through them together.  

make no Assumptions

We cannot challenge conventional thinking or raise the bar if we make assumptions. As a team of different abilities, we have often been on the receiving end of false assumptions. We cannot change the status quo if we continue to make assumptions. 

always do what is right

We will always do what is right for our team and our partners in any circumstance. We are committed to our promises and will always uphold them.